Stairlift Services Eastbourne – Some Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

We, humans, are deeply connected to each member of our family with strong emotions. Having a physically impaired member at home or an elderly person who cannot climb up the stairs, surely evokes a surge of sadness within us. Being in that physical form, their movement is quite often restricted. To make the stairs accessible, stairlift services eastbourne are truly an avoidable solution. If you have plans for a stairlift installation, then it is obvious that you have some questions running in your mind.

To save you the trouble asking someone for information, here are the answers to the top FAQs regarding the stairlifts –

Will insurance cover the cost?

The UK offers pocket-friendly public healthcare via NHS and HSC. The costs of a stairlift won’t be covered by them. If you are amongst the 10.5% of the population who own a private health insurance, then it is advised that you check with the provider.

How do I know that my stairs are compatible with the stairlifts?
The best way to get an answer is to ask the service provider to visit your home beforehand. Most of the companies do visit the home and offer a no obligation quotation for the entire work. Generally, every stair can be fitted with a stairlift, no matter if they are curved or straight.

What are the various kinds of stairlifts?
Either these are curved or straight. There remains no other major variety other than minor specifications based on the company such as the size of the seat and the model that is purchased.

What happens in case of a power outage?

If you opt to buy from a reputed manufacturer, the stairlift will come with a backup unit. In case of a power outage, you can expect at least 50 round trips.

How much will a stairlift cost me?

The price extensively depends on the length, height, and type of stairs you have. Unless you ask professionals for an inspection of your stairs, it cannot be properly estimated.

Now that you have answers to all that was in your mind, the only thing remaining is to get them installed. In case you have more, without any further delay, get in touch with Pyramid lifts in Eastbourne. We specialize in stairlift rental as well as installation services. Contact us today!