Misconceptions About Mobility Stairlifts Eastbourne

If you own a Mobility Stairlifts Eastbourne in your house or are planning to buy one, it is advisable to read up on the apparatus. You may have queries regarding its installation, operation, cost, and maintenance or resale value. If not properly informed, you might find yourself falling prey to myths and misunderstanding about the machine.

The following are some of the most common misconceptions around Mobility Stairlifts Eastbourne.

Stairlifts are expensive

Contrary to popular belief, stairlift costs have gone down drastically in the last decade. One of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to measure the price of stairlifts is to compare them to the accepted fuel costs which have gone up substantially in the last few years. Today, you will be able to purchase a stairlift at a fraction of the cost from just a few years back.

Operating costs are high

Thanks to power saving devices and advanced technology, stairlifts are no longer expensive to operate. In fact, the cost of maintaining a stairlift on a daily basis today is lower than many household appliances.

Almost all stairlifts that are manufactured now are compliant with European Directives. They are built as per the EN 81-40 standards which include strict directives with regards to safety and power efficiency.

Most domestic stairlifts typically operate between 10 to 15 times daily. This makes them one of the cheapest home appliances around.

Stairlifts take up a lot of space

Many would-be buyers are often apprehensive about their staircase size and whether it would be adequately able to accommodate the stairlift or not. While the width of the staircase is important when considering the installation of a stairlift, it is not the most important factor. What determines the size of the stairlift is the distance between the patients’ spine and their knees or toes – whichever protrudes out the most while sitting? Subject to this distance, the seat thickness is then accordingly adjusted to ensure that the machine can travel up and down the stairs smoothly.

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