How to Prevent Stairlift Breakdown Eastbourne – Maintain Your Stairlift in Home

Stairlift always provides vital mobility, but you need to prevent stairlift breakdown Eastbourne by doing proper maintenance regularly. Knowing the proper maintenance process will help you maintain the mobility of the motorized part of the device. Let’s have a look at some smart tips of maintenance:

  1. Keep the Stairlift Clean

Do you want your stairlift work to be carried out properly? Try to keep it clean by dusting it regularly. Dust is the prime enemy of the motorized parts of the stairlift.

You may use a slightly damp cloth to clean the dust of the rail and the seat of the stairlift. If possible, do it regularly, but if you are preoccupied with regular work, at least clean it once in a week. You can prevent dust build-ups and mechanical problems related to stairlift breakdown.

  1. Read the Manual for Maintaining a Stairlift

Before starting any cleaning or maintenance process, it is necessary to go through the manual that is provided with a stairlift. You may get some specific instructions to keep a reconditioned stairlift Eastbourne, and avoid breakdown. Remember, a stairlift is really important for the needy people, so it is necessary to take safety measures for cleaning and servicing it.

  1. Do Monthly or Weekly Servicing for Maintaining a Stairlift

Whether you buy a new set or second-hand stairlift, some service plans may be offered to you. So, it is highly recommended to receive annual checks. For that, you will need an experienced engineer to visit you every 12 months and ensure that everything is working properly. If you are facing any kind of problem, free servicing should be provided to you. Therefore, try to buy a stairlift from a well-known shop. If your warranty period gets over, you should do a monthly servicing for a reconditioned stairlift.

  1. Avoid Using Bleach and Solvents on the Stairlift

Never use solvents, bleach, and other home cleaning products for cleaning a stairlift because they can damage the equipment, and void your warranty potentially. Using a dry cloth is one of the best ways to remove the carbon and dust build-ups on the stairlift.

To Sum Up

Following the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you prevent stairlift breakdown Eastbourne. If you have other queries on maintaining a stairlift, you may contact an expert who can guide you.

Just find out a petite time to keep your stairlift in proper condition so that it lasts longer.