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A Guide to Cleaning Stair Lifts for their Smooth Functioning

It is important to ensure the cleanliness of Stair Lifts for their proper and smooth functioning. Their breakdown is often the result of accumulated dust particles and improper methods of cleaning. They are a significant piece of equipment used mostly by people facing challenges related to mobility and hence it is essential to keep them clean and properly functioning.

The following are a few aspects to keep in mind while doing so.

  • The stairlifts must be stationed at the tail-end of the staircase during the cleaning process in order to prevent the risks of falling.
  • They must not be cleaned while in motion. This could cause serious damage to the equipment. It must be ensured that the immobilizer key is pressed before initiating the process.
  • Cleaning solvents, wax solvents, bleach or abrasive cleaners must never be used. Their usage often results in the equipment losing friction, leading to accidents. Often dust particles clog up in the body thereby resulting in the stairlift breakdown. Using a piece of cloth for a quick dusting is an option one can resort to, before beginning with more advanced cleaning.
  • To get rid of tough stains, a damp and soapy piece of cloth can be put to use. Non-abrasive cleaners can be used in small amounts.  For the tracks, it is important to use degreasing products that do not leave residues.
  • During the cleaning of the seats, a few wipes with a slightly dampened cloth shall be enough to deal with the stains.
  • It is important to make sure that the lifts are completely dried after the cleaning process, in order to avoid probable short circuits.

Initiating the process of cleaning stairlifts while keeping the above-mentioned points in mind will ensure their smooth and proper functioning. If you are a resident of Eastbourne, make sure you check out Pyramids Lifts Ltd. for quality stairlift cleaning solutions and assistance. Our team of experts is always there to help you with issues related to their functioning, maintenance, and repairing.