A Guide on Stairlift Buying and Installation

Many residential properties do not have every facility available on each floor. A resident might need to use the toilet, but they are downstairs and struggle to walk upstairs. A stairlift breakdown Eastbourne is the best friend of someone unable to get up and downstairs. It can make the situation less stressful and complex for him/her.

We have compiled a few points that might help in stairlift buying and installation:

  • These devices are not fitted to the wall but the tread. It eliminates the chance of messing it up. A resident does not need to worry about causing structural damage during the installation of a stairlift.
  • A curved chairlift requires a longer installation period than a straight one.
  • Often independent electric chairlift companies are not tied to a specific manufacturer this allows their customers to choose the best product of their choice.
  • VAT is exempted for a completely handicapped resident
  • VAT reduction is available for people over 60
  • Renting this device is easy. Just rent one if someone is recovering from a fall or operation
  • Indoor lifting machines are the most common. But outdoor ones are also available and they can be weather-proof
  • Contact an Occupational Therapist to advise on the best solution that fits you
  • Compare services, products, and prices of different companies to understand the average range of the lifting machines
  • Look into safety options as it is the main factor to consider
  • Ask for recommendations if you know someone who uses a stairlift in their home. They can advise you on the benefits of having one and their installation process.
  • Every person suffers from different disabilities and there is a lifting device that suits the need of a particular person. Seated, Straight, Perch, Curved, Outdoor – there are 5 types of stairlifts that are the most popular.
  • A customer can choose a brand new or refurbished stairlift device. New ones directly come from the manufacturer that makes these easy to repair.

A stairlift breakdown Eastbourne is a serious situation. Make sure you buy a stairlift from a trusted lifting machine provider in Eastbourne, go ahead and contact Pyramids Lifts Ltd to ensure you receive the best and safest option. Visit the website for further details.